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Membership Perks

Each month, your box of 8 freshly baked cookies comes with:

  • EARLY ACCESS to new flavors


  • 10% DISCOUNT

  • “I just seriously just don't see yet how any cookie could compare to this.”


  • “…possibly the largest, most divine chocolate chip cookies in Manhattan.”

    The New York Times

Questions answered.

  • How does the Levain Bakery Cookie Club work?

    Every month, members will receive a pre-selected 8-pack box of Levain Bakery cookies. Some months, members will receive early access to our seasonal flavor, a month before it’s available to the public! You’ll find out the cookie box of the month one week before it ships, and our cookie club support team will be able to help reschedule any delivery dates if needed.

  • When will Levain Cookie Club boxes ship?

  • Can I make updates to my monthly order?

  • Can I cancel my membership?

  • When will I find out my cookie of the month?

  • Will the recipient have access to my payment information?